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The first Spinmaster-FFC2000-1T installed in the U.S. - December 15, 2004.

The University of Virginia is the site of the first Stelar Spinmaster-FFC2000-1T to be installed in the U.S. Installation, according to Richard J. Stevens, Molecular Specialties, the North American representative for Stelar, was completed December 2004. The University of Virginia Chemistry Department under the direction of Robert G. Bryant, Ph.D. has a long history of engagement in doing NMR research with fast field cycling nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry. The Spinmaster-FFC2000-1T was introduced in the U.S. market at the 45th ENC, April 2004. At the upcoming ENC-2006 in Asilomar, CA, April 23- 28th, an update on system performance and applications will be featured.

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